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SUSPENDED:  White River Junction, VT to Canaan, NH in N Scale

The Club's N scale layout depicting the portion of the B&M line (old Northern Railroad) from White River Junction, Vermont across the Connecticut River to Lebanon and ending (for the layout at least) at Canaan, New Hampshire had to be disassembled because the Club's lease was terminated when the town sold the old firehouse.  Everything, including the intact helix, is being stored in members homes, awaiting the chance to be assembled and operated!

We have plans to resurrect the layout in a new home, but first we must find that new home.  In the meantime, we'll leave the plans, images and pages about the layout up here for you to see what might have been.

Immediately below are images of the layout design created by Jody Marsh and developed through the work of many club members.  The layout is to have three levels with the lowest level for staging and all levels connected by a multi-track helix.  It should be noted that all spurs, passing tracks, and yards existing on the prototype have been worked into this layout design.  This design has been approved by the Club members and we have started construction on the benchwork. 

This layout will use nclogonew.gif (5555 bytes) Digital Command Control (DCC) system.  We just purchased our system from ttxlgsm.gif (3205 bytes) of Essex Junction, Vermont!

Scroll down below the layout design to see construction update photos.

Level 1: Staging (click on thumbnails for 800x800 image).

Bottom Level Staging

Level 2: White River Junction, VT across Connecticut River to Westboro Yard in Lebanon, NH.

Middle Level of Layout

Level 3: Top level with towns of Enfield and Canaan, NH.

Top Level of Layout


Construction has begun! The first image shows  The next images show us laying out and constructing the helix. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.

The basic plan for supporting the extruded foam construction from the walls. Luan plywood brackets, stiffened with 1x1 and 1x2 strips will be added. newn_01.gif (14865 bytes)
Here, Spencer, Jody and Dave layout the helix and mark the floor for the helix supports. newn_03.gif (15063 bytes)
Jody and Spencer place the blocks on the floor next to where the helix support legs will be attached to ensure the proper support for the helix. newn_04.gif (15506 bytes)
The support legs for the helix are being put in place according to the marks and blocks. Each of the supports had be be just the right height to provide a smooth grade on this first level.  All the other turns could be adjusted using the threaded rod and nut support system, but that first level was the key.  Get it right and the rest would be smooth sailing.  newn_05.gif (15994 bytes)
The helix subroadbed is constructed of two layers of luan plywood arcs offset and held together using construction glue.  The arcs were cut out of 4x8 sheets of luan plywood.  Each arc is about a quarter of a circle.  The dimensions for the helix were determined and then drawn on the floor. newn_02.gif (15203 bytes)
The first level of the helix is complete!  All went well. newn_09.gif (22450 bytes)
And everyone stands around a while to admire it and marvel that it came out correct! newn_06.gif (14694 bytes)
Here's a shot of that first level. newn_07.gif (13885 bytes)
More layers are completed.  Each section was clamped and glued to the preceding section using the unpainted single layer section created by the overlap. newn_12.gif (14104 bytes)
The helix is complete!
In between additions to the helix, while the glue was drying, we turned our attention to the subroadbed for the staging yard. newn_08.gif (14283 bytes)


It's been a while since I updated this webpage!   In addition, we've laid the tracks for the lower staging yards and we've built the door/duck under that will allow the tracks to make a complete circuit around the room while still allowing members to enter and leave without removing a whole section of the layout.

As you can see below, the helix is now complete, we've laid the staging yard tracks on the first level and we've constructed the door that allows the first two levels' tracks to make a complete circuit around the room while still giving us a means to enter or leave.
This shows the staging yard tracks laid on sheet cork and the point where the second level construction has halted for the evening.
Here are shots showing the door with bridge tracks for the first and second levels (the third level will run above the door creating a minimally low duck under).  The door is hinged to open to the inside of the room.  It is a wood frame stiffened with a plexiglass back (that allows someone outside the room to see if there is a train on the tracks before opening the door).  Eventually we'll have a simple bolt lock on the inside so that someone entering must have someone inside unbolt it before entry is possible.  We'll also wire the system with detectors to prevent trains from running on the bridge when the door is open.     
The second level construction began with this curved section representing Mascoma (old East Lebanon) and Mascoma Lake.  The lake was created by slicing the foam along the "shore line" and then lowering and gluing it back in place.  We use some minimal luan plywood bracing attached with a special ACC glue and sheetrock screws to hold this in place.
Here is the underside of the Mascoma section to show how the luan plywood is used to hold the foam in place.
Here's how the bracing works.  This is primarily held using ACC glue formulated for foam.  It's incredible stuff!
This image shows the staging yard below and the area on the second level representing Lebanon, NH. Here is where the station and freight depot will be located.
This corner shot shows level two where Lebanon continues with the Mascoma river (the cut section). The tannery and Riverside Mill will be located here along the river.

I will continue to update this page as new construction progresses.  If you're in White River Junction, VT on a Tuesday or Thursday evening, stop by and say hello and see the progress in person!


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