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Currently, the Club members have spent some time revitalizing scenery and adding details to the HO modules so we can be proud to display them at shows.

Here is the results of Club members' work:

The "Springfield" modules were detailed considerably, including the addition of lighting for night shots like these:

click on thumbnail for 800x600 enlarged image.

springfield_night01.gif (10043 bytes)    springfield_night02.gif (9904 bytes)    springfield_night03.gif (10099 bytes)    springfield_night04.gif (9120 bytes)


Here's some brighter light shots of the refurbished models:

concord2k_ho_04.gif (15302 bytes)     concord2k_ho_07.gif (14913 bytes)     concord2k_ho_08.gif (15218 bytes)     concord2k_ho_11.gif (16602 bytes)

More photos to come, so check back soon!


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