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    1999 Upper Valley Model Railroad Show

    April 11, 1999

    All images on this page created using an Olympus 600 digital camera donated for our use by Professional Camera Ltd., White River Junction.
    Bad images are the fault of the photographer, the camera was wonderful!
    Click on the thumbnails to see full size image.

    John and Bud welcome you to the show!

    Our friends from the Ammonoosuc Valley Railway Association

    I forgot to take a picture of the Concord Model Railroad Club Sign! Let's get the old girl steaming!
    Pulpwood was common in New England, but 'pupwood' is found in the South!

    Bob Jamback is a heck of an artist!

    Little guy watches the big scale trains. And it's evening in Lebanon, 1957, and the tracks are clear. bummer.

    Movin the lumber products on a fall day.  Wish I was there!

    Backpacking the Notch in Fall, and the Boston and Maine too. Does it get better?

    Driscoll Rail returns to the show, have you heard of their expansion? Waiting for the local, a scene from the Concord Club's modules.

    Gliding through the Notch, it's another great scene.

    Hey! I've been there!  Yep, it's Crawford Notch in miniature. John and George prepare another consist in back.

    We always have our White Elephant table for great bargains. There's a video I don't have!  hmmm

     A typical rail industry, how of these scenes did you see at the show?

    Train is gone and I've hiked up the mountain, but the backpackers are still by the station!

    Great scene! Awful photographer. Does it bring back memories? Looking through the foliage, and what do I see?

    Driscoll Rail's Hotshot leaves the towering skyscrapers of Lebanon (oops! those are cafeteria benches!)

    Wow, Concord members can detail a loco!

    New Haven at the station courtesy of Ammonoosuc Club. The Southern Serves New England?

    Just looking to make a great deal.

    Those people on the bridge are happy the steamers are gone!

    The climb up the mountain is worth a shot like this! One of the new dealers at our show this year.  Neat stuff!

    Thanks to all the participants in the 1999 Upper Valley Model Railroad Show.
    As these pictures attest, it was a great success for all!


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