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The "Dicken's of a Christmas" is part of the holiday festivities in downtown Hanover, New Hampshire each December.  The CVMRR sets up an open house in the Drake Room at the Hanover Inn the weekend of the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  The modular layout is open to the public the Friday evening for at least an hour before the lighting ceremony until 9pm that night and then Saturday from 10am-4pm.  In 1999 we had Edgar Mead, a local author of railroad books appear and sign copies of his books on the Woodstock Railway, the Claremont & Concord Railway and his most recent book covering trains across the country.

Here are a few pictures of the most recent display (click on thumbnail for full size image):

Setup Here we have CVMRR members moving the modules into the room and beginning to assemble things.  The layout probably takes about an hour and a half to two hours to set up.  Take down is quicker: 20-30 minutes!  Many hands make light work.
Edgar Mead signing his books I caught Edgar Mead during a slow moment in book signing where he turned around to take a peak at the videos we were running.
Boy watches activity An unknown boy takes in the activity near the yard and bridge modules. Club members are busy in the background making up trains to entertain all.
Thomas the Tank Engine Thomas the Tank Engine™ decided to pay a visit to our layout!  Thomas was just leaving the siding after waiting for Percy to pass him.
Spencer's Nickel Plate Berkshire We had some less entertaining, but more prototypical steam locomotives plying the rails over the weekend.  This is Spencer Duncan's Nickel Plate Berkshire.  You'd never believe this engine had suffered a 5 foot dive to a concrete floor only a few months ago!
Spencer's Metra Spencer, current CVMRR president, also had his Metra train model running -- a little more modern but just as much fun to watch!
Early Visitors Friday evening Here's some of the early visitors on Friday night enjoying the modern day commuter train whiz through a bit of countryside.
metra_boy_and_his_dad2_t.jpg (10627 bytes) This time I stopped the action a little better...that Metra model can really zoom around.  Even more impressive: it can go just as fast in reverse!  Careful attention to the mechanism to get the best performance is one of Spencer's trademarks as a model builder.


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