Volume #4; Issue #5 p4

November 7, 1998

Secretary's Report

From the Oct. 8, 1998 Chapter meeting:

Those present:

2) John Rogers says Pro-Cam has a 50 x 50 space for rent downstairs,  idea is to have model RR club and NRHS share space and cost?

3) Motion was made and 2nd to raise 494 hat price to $12.00 for  members.

4) Philip read the treasurers report which was 2nd and accepted.

5) Mr Edgar Mead will do December program. Meeting adjourned to  watch Greg Nazzaro's slides on African Thunder.

Respectfully submitted by Barry Page, Secretary NRHS

Barry Page
John Rogers
Drew Bradley
Jim Douthart
Gene Vigneault
Herb Adams
Philip Rentz

Lloyd Krumm
Macy Lawrence
Bill Brigham
Dave Woodbury
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Mead
Greg Nazzaro
Jerry Bergen

Business meeting called to order by John Rogers.

1) Nominations for officers are as follows:

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President - John Rogers
Vice-President - Dave Woodbury
Secretary - Barry Page
Treasurer - Philip Rentz
National Director - Gene Vigneault
Historian - Macy Lawrence