Official Newsletter of the White River Junction Chapter of the
National Railway Historical Society, P.O. Box 1215, White River  Junction, VT 05001

Volume #4; Issue #5

November 7, 1998

N.Y.N.H.&H. video.

Bill Brigham will provide the video "A Great Railroad at Work"  on the New York New Haven and Hartford Railroad, for the November  meeting entertainment. This Pentrex Video has footage on steam,  electric and diesel in passenger and freight service.

Business Meeting Agenda:
* Amherst Show
* Treasurer's Report
* Secretary's Report
* Memo from Tad Nunez
* Chapter Fund raising
* Establish a Video Library

Elections will be held during the December meeting.

Upcoming Programs:
Edgar Mead will provide the entertainment for the December meeting  with a video of the Combres and Toltec railroad of Colorado and  New Mexico.

In January we'll take a look at one of Herb Adams' Boston & Maine  videos.

President: John Rogers
Vice President: David Woodbury
Secretary: Barry Page
Treasurer: Philip Rentz
Editor: Philip Rentz (temporary)
National Director: Gene Vigneault
Historian: Mace Lawrence
Monthly Meetings: Second Thursday, 7:00 PM
Location: Amtrak Station, WRJ
Mailing address: P.O. Box 1215,
White River Jct. VT 05001


A long awaited confirmation from the State of Vermont Agency of  Transportation was received by Tad Nunez on Oct. 22nd. Clearing  this hurdle brings us one step closer to starting construction  on the shelter and restoration of the engine. (A copy of a memo  from Tad to the Engine 494 Restoration Committee giving an update  on the efforts has been included in this Newsletter).

Byron Hathorn is working on the fund raising for the shelter to  augment the amount available in the ISTEA grant. Tad also suggested  that the Engine 494 leaflet be updated with new text and graphics  to let the public know what progress is being made. Volunteers  are needed for this project.

Merchandise sales and donations were strong at Glory Days, the  total collected at the table was $417.27 according to the town  of Hartford. This brings the balance to $3,825.69 for that account.

Engine 494 Committee Meeting:
Tad has called a meeting for the Restoration Committee to discuss  progress of the Grant and fund raising for the shelter. The meeting  will be held at 7:00 on Tuesday, November 17th at the Hartford  Municipal building. Anyone interested in attending is welcome.

Newsletter Editor Needed:
When we decided to have a Newsletter I offered to take on this  responsibility, in addition to being Treasurer, until a permanent  Editor could be found. If you are interested in taking over the  responsibility please contact either John Rogers or myself, Philip  Rentz (603) 298-7818. Until a new Editor is found, I would appreciate  receiving all material for the Newsletter, from Officers and members,  by the Monday of the week preceding the meeting. I need the program  information at that time as well. Thank you for your cooperation.

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