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November 7, 1998

Amherst Railroad Hobby Show

The question is, does the Chapter need to have space, or can we  go on meeting at the Amtrak Station. According to Bill Brigham,  we are welcome to hold our meetings at the station so long as  he is there, and our meeting does not conflict with the train  schedule. Having the station available has been a big help to  us, and we should all be thankful to Bill for making this happen.  It would certainly be nice to have space, but until we have the  funds to do this, and a real necessity, it is not a possibility.  During the restoration of the Engine, it may be necessary to find  suitable storage space, or work space for components of the engine.  The cost would then be covered by the Town of Hartford through  the grant. If cold storage is used, it may not be suitable for  our meetings.

I believe that the Chapter has to set a goal for 1999 and budget  our funds to meet the goal. At present, the Chapter has annual  income of roughly $500 comprised of $320 for memberships (after  the NRHS portion) for the Newsletter, $150 per year from the meeting  raffles, and the rest from sale of the new hats. We spend about  $20 per month on the Newsletter and postage leaving us with about  $300 per year to spend unless we develop other sources of income.

Sales of NRHS merchandise at Glory Days and at the Amherst show  should be limited because we are competing against the 494 Restoration  Committee, which also needs money. Town of Hartford paid the fee  for the Amherst table and will be organizing fund raising and  merchandise sales at the table.

John and I came up with several ideas for sources of income for  the Chapter. 1) Video Library. Members would allow their videos  to be rented for $2 per month to be spilt with the chapter. 2)  Engine 494 post cards, would sell for $.50 and have an $.18 profit.  It would cost about $600 to have 2,000 printed. 3) Model Auction,  have members donate railroad items and have an auction. 4) Hats,  we have 18 of the Manchester number plate hats left and can order  more when sold.

You may have other ideas for fund raising for the chapter and  we'd be glad to hear about them, but please get all the facts  and numbers. Several people have come to me with concepts of ways  to make money for

Engine 494 restoration committee will have a table at the Amherst  Railway Society show at the Eastern States Exposition Grounds,  West Springfield, Mass. Sat. & Sun Jan. 30th & 31st. open 9am  to 5 pm. Nearly 4 1/2 acres of Railroading. Volunteers are needed  for the tables, car pooling will be arranged closer to the dates  of the show. Admission will be free for those who sign-up to work  the table. Let Barry Page know what date you plan on attending,  otherwise admission is $6, or $1 for children.

New Chapter Members:
Robert W. Emerson of Boston, Mass. joined the Chapter this month.  Robert is also a member of the Boston Chapter. Jay Barrett of  Ely, VT has also signed up for NRHS membership. We welcome you  both to the chapter!

Remember that new NRHS memberships received between Sept. 1st  and Dec. 31st are effective for the remainder of '98, and all  of '99.

Richard Borkowski of Bethlehem, NH sent a letter to say that he  is interested in the possibility of a Railroad Museum in Vermont,  and offered to help with construction of an HO scale layout .  He suggested purchase of the WRJ CV roundhouse as a permanent  site. His address is P.O. Box 12, Bethlehem NH 03574 if you would  like to contact him about these ideas. A copy of the Newsletter  will be sent to Richard.

Permanent Site:
The topic of a permanent site was briefly discussed at the October  meeting with John's mention of the space available at ProCam.  Working out the numbers, we would need to come up with roughly  $250 per month for the space, which has no facilities. A monthly  rent payment is out of the scope of our organization at this point  seeing as how we have about $500 in the NRHS account after 3 1/2  years.

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